Life Beyond Me (2017)

Life Beyond Me is a Uruguayan-French co-production, a melodrama centring on the theme of parental child-abduction. It has a great cast and great scenery, and some very strong writing.

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Lobos (2017)

When an old man dies, his young neighbours divide his flat between them by moving the walls.

This 12-minute short film by Camila Carballo is based on the belief that the Plautus line made famous by Hobbes is true: “lupus est homo homini.” Hence the short’s title, Lobos [=Wolves].

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El Pampero (2017)

A road movie without roads, El Pampero is a drama about a man trying to avoid facing his illness by escaping on his sailing boat. But things are definitely not going to plan in this very engaging slow-burn drama that plays with both thriller and noir elements.

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