Escape from Patagonia (2016)

Based on events in the life of famous explorer Francisco Moreno, Escape from Patagonia is a tale of danger and hardship not dissimilar to a traditional Western. But the plot is “small” and is deliberately playing second fiddle to a visual exploration of Patagonia’s nature and landscape.

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The Dognapper (2013)

A mainstream comedy that fails in almost every respect, The Dognapper’s only good elements are its score, its looks, and its cast. Some really good acting performances are wasted on a film that is rarely funny and a story that goes nowhere.

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The Watchman (2017)

A very well-made drama from The Dominican Republic, which sheds a light on the prejudices the country struggles with regarding gender, race, and class.

Despite being predominantly “sad” in tone, and in spite of dealing with heavy issues, The Watchman is a very enjoyable film.

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Neon Flesh (2010)

Neon Flesh is a misguided attempt to produce a gritty gangster comedy. This Spanish film is not really bad, but very far from reaching the potential of its premise and its cast. Its humour and tone are uneven, and there are problems with the writing and with a number of story elements.

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