Fish Boy (2012)

This 17-minute short film from Brazil is a mix of slices of real life and semi-nightmarish dreams. The 5-year-old protagonist is struggling to come to terms with her mother’s pregnancy and the impending birth of her baby brother.

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Neon Flesh (2010)

Neon Flesh is a misguided attempt to produce a gritty gangster comedy. This Spanish film is not really bad, but very far from reaching the potential of its premise and its cast. Its humour and tone are uneven, and there are problems with the writing and with a number of story elements.

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El soborno del cielo (2016)

In the Colombian film El soborno del cielo a clash of cultures unfolds between the ideals of a haughty and old-fashioned priest and the real-life problems his parishioners are faced with.

This satire is very enjoyable, despite a slow pace and some minor weaknesses in the writing.

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