List of New(ish) Uruguayan Films

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A few years back, The Uruguay Film Commission published a neat little brochure, which is availbale online in pdf-form: ‘click’

The brochure is bilingual, Spanish and English, and although some of the English translations leave much to be desired in terms of quality, I am still glad that this document exists.

Since there is relatively little English language material out there dealing with Latin American films (especially from smaller countries), it is nice to have at least this little list of newer films. Some of these films are not listed on imdb, while many others do not have a decent plot summary on the site, so the plot summaries in the brochure are a real asset; for the most part that is, because in some cases the brochure’s English plot summaries are confusing and unhelpful [Clever would be one example, but then you are much better off reading my review anyway ;-)]. In terms of genre, on the other hand, the brochure is often not listing anything helpful for a film, so using the brochure and imdb in tandem seems the best way, because imdb has a narrower genre breakdown (comedy, drama, etc.) – even though these imdb entries may not always be an accurate description of a film’s tone.


Towards the back, the brochure lists Uruguayan film-makers, as well as a couple of short films and a handful of TV shows. But the main part of the brochure is dedicated to “feature and mid-length” films (page 5 onwards) and documentaries (page 29 onwards) that hail from Uruguay or are Uruguayan co-productions. Most of the projects listed are from around 2012, with some outliers reaching from 2010 to 2015.