Fish Boy (2012)

[original title: Menino peixe]

There is not really much to say about this short, which has been written, directed, produced, and edited by Eva Randolph. Fish Boy is good, but not something that enthused or surprised me. The central character is a little girl (roughly 5 years old, I guess), whose heavily pregnant mother is going to give birth to her baby brother very soon. The girl is struggling with coming to terms with the idea of having a brother, and she is struggling to understand the pregnancy and everything else that is going on. Her imagination fills the gaps in between the few things she understands or thinks she understands, and her fears manifest themselves in dreams that take place in a nightmarish realm.

There is no plot in this short, and no message. The short film merely floats by. We witness very few things beside the things the girl witnesses or dreams. Fish Boy is just a fever-dream, and as such – for me – rather inconsequential.

Rating: 6.0 to 6.5 out of 10


PS: Santiago Esteves assisted in the editing of this film.

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