Cinco tardes sin Clara (2009)


A short review for a short film.

After his two-year relationship with Clara has just ended, Julian (Esteban Lamothe) feels miserable. He is looking for an explanation for his miserable state of mind, and is asking various friends for advice. They are mostly academics, including a biologist played by Walter Jakob (Un sueño recurrente). All of them approach his problem in their own way, influenced by their specific field of study.
An evening with some rather horrible young girls is also not very enlightening, but we finally get Julian’s own assessment of the trouble with relationships – and it is a pretty sobering one.


Cinco tardes sin Clara is a film school project, and it has this very specific film school feel to it, which is not a bad thing. The acting of the young cast, which includes Laura Paredes (Two Shots Fired), is good – although it has to be said that none of the roles are particularly demanding. The premise is interesting, and the short is funny and has lots of charm. In the end, however, it does not carry a lot of weight, has little impact. And it is not a film that stays with you after it has ended.

Despite its rather basic nature, this charming little short film by writer/director/editor Santiago Esteves deserves a rating of around 7 out of 10.


[[ You can find this short (with English subtitles) on Vimeo: ]]



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